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Train away with TrainAway!

Are you often away from home, and staying in hotels? Is your training routine ruined, because you can’t find the right gym in an unfamiliar town? We have a solution for you!

Tallink Hotels and TrainAway offer you a fast and simple way to find a gym near your hotel and continue working out even when you are away from home.

Train away with TrainAway!

TrainAway is an app that helps you maintain your active lifestyle even on long trips.

Download the app from AppStore or Google Play and find a gym that suits you.

How does it work?

1) Download the app
2) Find your nearest gym
3) Enter the discount code and buy an entrance ticket
4) Show the ticket at the sports club reception and go workout

Use the code to book in-app:

Tallink Spa&Conference HotelTASPEST
Tallink Express HotelTAEXEST
Tallink City HotelTACHEST
Pirita Spa HotelTAPSEST

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