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Welcome toAqua Spa

Health through beauty and welfare

Aqua Spa is a genuine oasis in the middle of the city that combines relaxing water procedures, beauty and wellness services, and sports.

Aqua Spa aquatic center

Aqua Spa offers a sensory experience combining health and water. A variety of saunas, spas, a large indoor pool, a children’s pool and an open-air outdoor swimming pool for your unforgettable enjoyment. A variety of smoothies, cocktails and other refreshing drinks can be enjoyed at the pool bar.

There are a variety of steam saunas to enjoy, as well as the Finnish sauna. Experience the hamam stone-bench, as well, for a sauna experience not commonly found elsewhere. There are Jacuzzi pools, and a year-round outdoor pool, with drinks served at the indoor swim-up bar. For our smaller guests, there is a children’s pool with a depth of 30 cm.

The Aqua Spa includes a private sauna that seats up to 12 people. This Finnish sauna also offers a spacious lounge where you can enjoy soft drinks and snacks. And enjoy access to the pools and saunas of the Aqua Spa upon request.

Additional information

We keep our spa spectacular! In maintenance mornings, we open the Aqua Spa at 10.00. Works are taking place: 16.08; 13.09; 11.10; 15.11; 20.12

Aqua Spa pools are open Mon – Sun 08:00 – 22:00.

Mon-Fri 8 – 16 Saunas open in Womens’ and Mens’ dressing rooms
               16 – 22 All saunas and water attractions open

Sat-Sun 8 – 22 All saunas and water attractions open

Additional information is available from the Aqua Spa receptionist by phone at +372 630 1028 or via e-mail at spa@tallink.ee.

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Aqua Spa Prices (.pdf) Pool bar drink list (.pdf) Aqua Spa House Rules (.pdf)

Aqua Spa

Aqua Spa Lounge

The Aqua Spa lounge is a great place to relax, and get new energy and positive ideas. In the cozy straw bar in the lounge, we offer refreshing drinks and a great time out before and after your visit to the water center.

Additional information

Mon – Sun 10:00 – 22:00

Drink list (.pdf)

Aqua Spa Beauty and Wellness center

In our beauty and wellness center at Aqua Spa, your visit and feelings will be made enjoyable by our skilled hairdressers, cosmetologists, manicurists, pedicurists and body care professionals.

Open: Every day 8am – 8pm

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Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel

Address: Sadama 11a, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone: +372 630 1000
E-mail: spahotel@tallink.ee

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