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Cookie policy

The following is the cookie usage policy of Tallink Group Plc (“Tallink”) and its subsidiary companies (including OÜ TLG Hotel Plc) (“Cookie usage policy”), which describes the use of cookies by Tallink on our different websites.

The contact data of subsidiary companies of Tallink can be found here: www.tallink.ee/tallink-group-companies


Cookies are files that collect different technical information on the user’s device, browser and usage of the website, such as information about the websites visited by the user and used for ordering. Tallink uses cookies of an entirely technical character (e.g. for statistics) and cookies that identify users enhance and personalise the registration and movement of visitors and measure and analyse users’ habits. Cookies enable the website to remember information on the visit of the data subject, i.e. preferred language and other settings.


When Tallink clients use Tallink services, Tallink and external service providers send cookies or other similar technology to the user’s device, with the purpose of improving and developing the user’s web experience. You can set up the settings of your browser so that it will inform you of the arrival of a cookie or automatically decline acceptance of cookies. This way, you can decide about acceptance of the cookies. At the same time, please bear in mind that some functions and services of the Tallink website may not function properly without cookies.

The Tallink website may use different observation and analytical tools for gathering and analysing information and measuring the efficiency of Tallink’s communication or promotional activities, e.g. how Tallink’s communication reaches clients.


Cookies can be controlled and/or deleted as you wish – for detailed information, go to www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies. You can delete all the cookies from your device and set your web browser so that cookies are not replaced. By doing so, it may be necessary to change some preferences manually on every visit to the website, and some services and functions may not work.


Service cookies
These cookies are important for making a website compliant. For example, cookies save information on your location and device, and this is used for optimisation of the display of the website by taking into account your location and device.

Analytical cookies
These cookies are used for observing the behaviour of visitors to our websites, and help us to improve our information and services. The collected information is combined with the data of thousands of other users, creating a common picture about usage of the website.

Social media cookies
Tallink enables you to share the content of the website on social media sites, like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. These sites use the cookies to control your logging status on their website, for example.

Promotional cookies
Advertisements are shown by advertising networks on the Tallink website. An advertising network is an organisation that deals with the presentation and concentration of ad space, with the purpose of maximising profit and minimising administrative costs. Advertising networks use cookies for the purpose of observation and for personalisation of their advertisements. For example, cookies are used for the observation of advertisements that you have seen already, to avoid advertisements looking the same all the time.

Third party cookies
On some Tallink websites, the services or software of the third parties are used, like conversation, cards, web videos or social media functions. Many of these services may set cookies in your browser.


Taking into account possible changes in legislation, case law and technological developments, Tallink reserves the right to change the present cookie usage policy, with the purpose of ensuring the high level protection of personal data. Because of this, the present cookie usage policy is reviewed from time to time and changed, if necessary. All the changes in the cookie usage policy will be posted on the Tallink websites. Earlier versions of the present cookie usage policy are kept in the archive.