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Three hotels of Tallink Hotels are located in the heart of Tallinn, close to business and shopping centers and only a short walk from the Old Town. When developing a hotel product, we have paid great attention to the changing expectations of our customers for a successful business trip, a useful seminar, or a great family vacation.

The advantage of a business customer is operative and professional service, services offering modern solutions and amenities, flexible accommodation offers and price advantages, payment methods, and other special conditions agreed in the cooperation agreement. Orders of business customers are handled by experienced specialists in Tallink Hotels’ customer service who specialize in servicing individual customers, group accommodation and catering services, and conference and event bookings.

We discussed with Marko Männimets, Sales and Development Director of Tallink Hotel, why it is worth being a business customer of Tallink Hotels and what solutions Tallink Hotels has to offer today and in the future.


What is the makeup of the sales team of Tallink Hotels, and how do you motivate employees?

Tallink Hotel’s sales team consists of seven people. In addition, we work closely with colleagues in the Tallink Group’s sales team in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, and Russia. The hotel’s sales team is experienced, professional, and very cohesive. For employees, a good working environment is important, where, in addition to the modern physical environment, there are mutually supportive colleagues who can be relied on both when solving more complex work tasks and trying to maintain mental balance. In the company, we have tried to create such an environment. Tallink Group also has a good motivation package for its employees, which includes several discount offers and benefits for using the group’s services.

As the head of the Sales Department, I am naturally enthusiastic and show a lot of initiative, and I try to inject it into my employees as well. My office door is open, and people can come and talk to me about any topic. If necessary, we will find a solution together or exchange ideas.

How to find business customers?

Tallink Hotels has been on the market for over fifteen years. Over the years, we have accumulated a comprehensive database of customers who have used our services for a long time. We are in constant contact with our customers, and a large part of our business customers are members of this database – there are customers who have been with us for fifteen years, from the very beginning, and there are customers who contact us when a major project emerges, or a cool event has to be organized.
In addition, of course, we are aware of what is happening in the market, and we are actively looking for new clients to stay in hotels as well as to organize events in our restaurants and conference centers.

A particularly exciting topic is the changing needs of customers. We are increasingly visited by business clients who combine work and leisure and come to us with a partner or even a family. It is also interesting for us to work with the organizers of international sports events. The events are big, there are visitors from many different countries, and each customer has their own specific wishes and needs.

Why become a business customer of Tallink hotels?

The business customer is a valuable partner of Tallink hotels and the basis of our business. In our relationships with our business customers, we focus on our core values – simplicity and attentiveness. Based on the same core values, we are constantly developing our products, services, and work processes. If the client uses accommodation services constantly, it is useful to become our contractual partner. The advantages of the contract partner are an even simpler and faster ordering process and the agreed prices and conditions for a longer period.

But whether the business customer is a company using an accommodation service or a conference and event organizer, our sales team always offers operational and professional support to find the best solution and make the service run smoothly.

How do you look back on 2021 in terms of business customers?

Tallink Hotel’s operations are in the tourism sector, which has been most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Event marketing, which also covers a large part of our services, made a significant decline – after all, we offer the organization of conferences and events. Despite the difficult situation, we have offered great solutions to our customers. We have held various team meetings all the way up to big Christmas parties. We organize events based on personality, and we want to be a good and reliable partner for our customers. All events take place in a safe environment and according to the rules. Thanks to our extensive experience and opportunities, we help to find the best solutions for both small and large companies.

What options does the Tallink City hotel offer?

We have used the COVID-19 pandemic to our advantage. In 2020 we started the renovation of Tallink City Hotel, and in June 2021, we opened a 100% renovated new hotel. After renovation, there are 324 different categories of rooms on the ten floors of the hotel. The new restaurant City Grill House is built over two floors and can accommodate up to 228 people, which provides a good opportunity to organize various events. Already as of today, the restaurant has hosted many different events, from a Christmas party with 30 participants to a gala event with 200 participants, which took place through a two-story stage, with screens and great performers. In addition, there is an event area on the 10th floor of Tallink City Hotel with a great view. It is ideal for meetings and conferences. The event area is equipped with state-of-the-art conference equipment and restaurant/café-style tables and chairs. The event area is suitable for both larger and smaller groups, as it can be easily divided into two separate rooms with a partition.

What options does the Tallink Spa & Conference hotel offer?

There are seven conference centers of different sizes on the 2nd floor of Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. The conference center has a large lobby, and the halls can be easily articulated. In addition to interior design, special attention has also been paid to state-of-the-art conference technology. The center can accommodate a standing reception for up to 500 guests. The largest hall can accommodate 260 conference guests in theater style, and the smallest is the Boardroom with an oval table for private meetings for up to ten participants. The conference center’s halls and new technology ensure an inspiring and efficient work environment. After a busy day of meetings, you can continue the evening in the lobby bar, water park, or Nero restaurant.

You also have a separate package for conference organizers; can you talk about it in more detail?

We have developed a conference package, “Neptune,” which has proven to be extremely popular. We have developed and improved the product, and it is working very well at the moment. We offer the “Neptun” conference package at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, where in addition to room rental, conference equipment, and catering, you can relax in the Aqua Spa water center after the conference. You can choose between two different packages, and it is valid for 6-30 people.

What new solutions did you take into use in Tallink hotels for business customers?

Due to COVID, most events went online. As the world changed, so did Tallink Hotels. Thinking primarily of business customers, we introduced new solutions that make it possible to organize virtual and hybrid events at the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel. The conference center has an all-in-one video conferencing system, Poly Studio, which ensures maximum quality when making video calls. The Poly Studio solution allows you to conveniently organize various web lectures, virtual or hybrid meetings, seminars, and training in the conference center halls.

What new digital solutions have you introduced?

We are constantly improving existing products and developing new ones. For example, we introduced a solution used in a mobile phone and tablet at Tallink City Hotel, which allows customers to quickly and conveniently order various additional hotel services. They can be ordered before arrival, in the hotel room, or even in the lobby bar enjoying a cup of coffee.

At Tallink City Hotel, we also have quiet offices that allow you to work without disturbance. In cooperation with the Estonian start-up company WIP, we have joined a teleworking village, which brings together all the different teleworking locations, and customers can book them for work. Our Tallink City Hotel offices can also be conveniently booked through the WIP booking environment. An online project is currently underway, where we want to create a convenient solution for the customer to check-in and out of the hotel.

What is the new year like, and what does the future hold?

We hope to leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind this year and return to normal life and travel mode. People want to meet face to face, gain knowledge together, have dinner at the restaurant and have fun. We believe that all this will soon be possible without restrictions, and we are ready for that.

If we look at the statistics submitted by AS Tallink Grupp in January 2022, it shows that in January 2022, 181,687 passengers were carried, which is 50.0% more than in January of the previous year. The volume of transported freight units increased by 14.4% to 31,213 units and the volume of transported passenger vehicles increased by 9.0% to 40,808 units. These numbers are very promising and hopeful.
Experience has shown that we can offer customers solutions that may seem impossible at first. But I’m proud of my team and my colleagues. Actually, COVID has rather helped us think even more out of the box. You are very welcome to visit us.

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From left: Jüri Jasska, Anatolijs Pimanovs, Marko Männimets

Tallink City Hotel, Function area

Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, Conference Center