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Club One discounts in tallink hotels

Club One rules

Now you can collect valuable bonus points and enjoy the benefits of a Club One card owner in all Tallink hotels in Tallinn and Riga! Join now and start a memorable trip!


Every time you make a purchase in the hotel, be sure to show your Club One client card. This way you collect bonus points that can be used for travelling on Tallink and Silja Line routes and in Tallink hotels for room upgrading provided there are rooms available.


Bonus points are given for purchases made in the hotel, provided Club One card is presented when paying for the purchases.

Collect bonus points:
– reservations made through hotel home page
– reservations made through Tallink Hotels booking center
– reservations made directly in the hotel
– purchases made in hotel restaurant, lobby bar, nightclub and Deli foodstation
– beauty salon services
– private sauna rent
– services in Aqua Spa
– services added to room bill
– purchases from mini-bar

In order to have the bonus points registered, the Club One card must always be presented at the moment of the purchase. For all purchases made in the hotel bonus points are credited on the client’s account with the rate € 1 = 21 bonus points for Bronze Client, € 1 = 25 bonus points for Silver Client and € 1 = 29 bonus points for Gold Client. Club One bonus points are registered onto the Club One account within one week after the trip.

Bonus points are not issued:
– if the accommodation is bought through wholesalers or other booking channels
– if the booking is paid by company (corporate orders)
– from conference services
– from partners offers
– if the card is presented after the service purchase

Join the Tallink Loyal Client Program www.clubone.ee and enjoy significant discounts! Club One card can be registered at the hotel


The bonus points collected for voyages with Tallink and Silja Line and on board purchases, as well as accommodation at Tallink Hotels and beauty services, and the purchases made in bars and restaurants, can be used for purchasing a discounted ticket for travelling with Tallink and Silja Line. You may also upgrade your room type at Tallink Hotels, in case any free rooms are available.

The upgrading of room types can only be performed on location at the hotels, in case any free rooms are available.